This closely guarded strategy -- never before revealed -- will take your losing Forex Trading Robot and turn it into your personal Money Pumping Profit Machine!

If you've been frustrated with making profits from your Forex robot -- despite all the huge promises -- then this breakthrough training program I'm about to reveal will be the most exciting news you've heard in years!

You see, contrary to how you're probably feeling right now, you really can make a fortune trading forex robots… but the REAL way to do it is probably NOTHING at all like you imagined.

In the next few minutes I'm going to pull back the curtain and reveal to you how to make massive amounts of cash with your robot, and also how to easily detect Forex Robot scams as well.

This is important... because with this information, you'll make more money no matter:

... How many scams you've been suckered into

... How many thousands of dollars you may have lost to crappy forex robots

... How hopeless you think your chances are of making your money back from them

You see, I'm going to let you in on insider-secrets about the Forex Robot industry that you've probably never heard before... And what you'll hear will get your heart pounding... because... you'll discover how easy it really is to earn cold hard cash with your Forex robot.

How to Make $20,000 to $50,000 Per Month With Your Forex Robots And Almost ZERO Starting Capital

If you're like most people you probably believe that to turn a small bankroll in to a massive pile of cash quickly you'll need very high returns from your Forex robot.

In fact the Forex robot industry has been playing this misconception to their advantage since the dawn of Forex. For years the Forex Robot industry has been constantly trying to "one up" each other's sales pitch by offering larger and larger returns. So what you have is a TON of people buying forex robots thinking they can make $1,000 per month with their $2,000 account (a 50% per month return).

Forex robot sales pitches routinely offer up stories of returns anywhere from 50% to well over 100% per month because that's what most people believe they need in order "get rich quick".

The problem is that almost in every case the risk you need to take on in order to achieve these sorts of returns is so extremely high that you are virtually guaranteed to blow out your account every time!

But what if there was another way… what if there was a way to..

  1. Achieve MASSIVE PROFITS WITHOUT having to take on MASSIVE RISK
  2. Begin with almost ZERO STARTING CAPITAL
  3. End your financial worries without going insane by trying to achieve insane returns each and every month
  4. Make a fortune with as little as 5%-10% return per month from your forex robot

What if there was a way where you did not have to make RIDICULOUS percent returns to make money? How about instead just making stable returns on your account, but being paid just for making consistent profits?

Well, there is a way and there are people that do this and make HUGE amounts of money per month, just by managing and optimizing expert advisors. I have run the numbers and some of these traders are making up to $50,000 per month or MORE!

In our special report titled "How to Make $20,000 to $50,000 per Month with Your FOREX Robots, with Almost ZERO Starting Capital", we'll show you another safer, more realistic and more profitable way that is known to only a relatively small number of people in the trading world..

How to Make $20,000 to $50,000 per Month with Your FOREX Robots, with Almost ZERO Starting Capital

You can download your FREE copy here!

In this special report we show how you can get paid VERY WELL for letting other people piggy back off your "small" success as a robot trader. Here's how it works.

  1. You optimize your Forex Robots using the advanced techniques we teach in our Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course to achieve consistent and stable returns over a short period of time. These returns do NOT need to be 100%, 50% or even 25% per month… in fact as little as 5-10% per month is sufficient. And It does not matter if you get those returns on $200 or $200,000 account! It makes no difference because a low but stable and consistent percentage return is all that is required! pile of money
  2. Then you use the techniques explained in our guide to "rent" out your trades to other people needing a way to make stable returns trading. They pay you a fee either per trade or per month to use your trades. In exchange, your trades are replicated in their accounts.

You are effectively making more money on every one of your trades for each person who "rents" your trades without having to risk any more of your own money!

All you have to do is optimize your Forex robot for small, consistent and stable returns. And believe me that is MUCH easier to do than achieving 100% returns per month like most robot makers try to claim. In the report you'll read about one person who uses these techniques to "rent" out his signals to thousands of people who trades using his consistently profitable system. He does not make HUGE returns, but he is consistent and that's what people want.

In our special report we studied how many sites he "rents" his robots out on and can closely estimate his income to be over $50,000 per month!

Remember - this is all without having hardly any starting capital. He just knows how to maintain a consistently profitable portfolio of Forex Robots.

I know, it sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Actually, when I first stumbled upon this method I thought the same thing.

That's why you really must read this report… it will change the way you view trading profits forever!

Download Special PDF Report Now!

Who Am I?

Please listen very carefully. Because every word is true. And it has literally taken me years and tens of thousands of dollars to discover what I'm about to reveal to you.

Okay, let's get started: as embarrassing as this is for me to admit, years ago, I lost tons of money to Forex Robot scams.

Maybe you've had experiences like I did, lying awake at night... worried sick that my trading robot was draining my bank account when I didn't have my eye on it.

Maybe you've been in the position like I was... too humiliated to tell my friends and family that I was rolling the dice on yet another Forex Robot.

Looking back on it, and knowing what I know now, I had a better chance of winning the lottery than making any money with another Forex Trading Robot hoax.

If you've been there, then you know that awful sickening feeling in the pit in your stomach every time you have a bad trade. Because every bad trade pushes you further away from your Forex Trading goal of reaching financial freedom.

The most embarrassing part of all this... I'm a former physicist and software engineer with nearly a decade of experience developing profitable automated trading systems... Talk about feeling like a loser!

You might be thinking how I, a former software engineer and trading system developer, got tangled up in the same Forex Robot problems you may be experiencing right now...

And, you're probably even more curious to find out how I freed myself from the chains of automated trading hell...

Well, a few years ago my job was programming trading software for a large Forex company. All was fine until the economy started taking a dive...

When it really tanked I found myself downsized out of a job... and running out of money fast!

Talk about a scary situation...

I'll bet your thinking, why didn't I just create my own Forex Trading Robot?

Well, developing a trading robot from scratch takes a lot of time and resources... I had neither. Like I said, my bank account was draining quickly.

That's when I turned to commercial Forex Robots as my personal "stimulus package" to bail myself out of my economic crisis.

After all, from my professional experience, I knew there were some excellent trading system developers out there... I thought there should also be some excellent Forex Robots publicly available, as well.

That's when I ran into trouble... You see, the world of publicly available Forex Robots is much like used car dealers: there are scam artists left and right.

I found myself losing money hand-over-fist with these "out of the box" automated programs!

I knew there were private, institutional trading systems that were raking in the cash and thought publicly available trading Robots would do the same for me.

Boy was I wrong!

I was on the verge of becoming homeless. My finances had been annihilated. I was desperate to find the solution to my problem, quickly...

That's When I Discovered The Shocking Truth About The Forex Robot Industry!

I discovered three huge "wool-over-your-eyes" scams in the Forex industry that are virtually guaranteed to drain your account fast!

I realized that if traders like yourself knew about these three scams then the doors to real profits would swing wide open and the industry would change forever... and that's why I created The Forex Robot Scam School.

The Forex Robot Scam School consists of 3 lessons describing the industry insider scams that rob unsuspecting robot traders of their rightful profits!

Below I've provided an "abridged" version of these 3 lessons. If you truly take them to heart you will be miles ahead of 99% of the Forex robot trading population... and miles closer to realizing your dream of unlimited wealth!

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the sidebar of the web page and receive a full "UNabridged" PDF version of these 3 vital lessons!

Here's Forex Industry Scam #1:

Like most other robot traders you probably assume the default settings that shipped with your new robot are the most profitable, right?

After all, why would the robot maker give us anything LESS than their best settings?

You'd be surprised!

Unlike you, the robot maker earns his money from both trading his robot AND selling his robot. And unfortunately the best settings for "trading" a robot are rarely the best settings for "selling" a robot!

It turns out... the default settings you get are optimized for marketing results not long term profit.

The default settings are almost always set to VERY high risk in order to produce those fabulously amazing charts that wow us into buying their Forex robot.

However, in order to produce that fabulous chart the maker knows they need to dodge a bullet and not have their account blow up on them. And they manage this little trick like this...

The maker, after turning the risk up WAY too high, opens 20 different trading accounts and lets the robot lose with $1000 in each account.

Then they pray... they pray that just one account manages to not blow up after 6 months. If this happens then they've hit the jackpot because they now have something they can sell!

Of course they don't bother to tell you about how risky their default settings are because they know you probably wouldn't buy their robot.

The real shame is that many of these robots may in fact be very profitable over the long term provided their settings are optimized for long term profits with lower risk.

Unfortunately the robot maker must deal with the realities of trying to sell his software to a crowded market and that means having better "looking" results than the last guy.

Avoiding losing money to this scam is easy...

  1. Don't trade with Default Settings unless you have tested them properly!.
  2. Dial back the risk by reducing the position size of your trades because the default position size is almost ALWAYS too high.
  3. Learn to test and optimize your own Forex robot settings! It's really not as difficult as you've been led to believe, as I'll explain in lesson 3.

Here's Forex Industry Scam #2:

This one is huge... This is the one that repeatedly costs most forex robot traders a lot of money. Have you ever wondered why some Forex robots seem to, at the beginning, take off like a rocket... but flame-out not long after you start using them?

What the robot maker doesn't bother to tell you is that during that 6 month period when they collected those trades and produced that incredible profit use to sell you on their robot, they were continuing to re-optimize the setting for the robot. They were changing the settings in order to keep optimized for the current market conditions.

Robots vs Market

Market conditions are constantly evolving (changing). As time goes on the thousands of factors that make up the behaviour and characteristics of the market, like volatility, trading volume, economic crisis, price of oil, political strife etc... they are all changing.

On a daily or even weekly time frame these changes can be so small as to not really be noticed by the casual observer. But over time these small changes add up to big changes... changes that are often noticed first by our forex robots.

When the market changes course your Forex robot needs to change course too otherwise they begin to diverge. This happens because the default settings your Forex robot has are optimized for the market conditions at the time of the optimization (usually shortly before you bought it).

So if the market changes course, but your robot's fixed settings have it on a fixed course, then it doesn't take long before they are no longer going in the same direction. When this happens your Forex robot is no longer capable of making the same profitable trading decisions that it was when it was optimized. And therefore you do not see the same profitable results as when it was optimized... when it was creating those great trades that convinced you to buy!

If you think of your Forex robot like a car then it's easy to see that it requires no steering as long as the road is straight, but once the road turns you had better start steering or you're certain to crash.

When the market changes our Forex robots need a little steering too if we want to keep them on the road to profits.

Road To Profits

Now you know one of the major reasons why you've been losing so much money on new robots not long after you buy them... because once you take them home they gradually become un-optimized as time goes on and the market evolves.

However, it should be obvious by now that the real solution to actually realizing the incredible profits some Forex robots are capable of really lies in re-optimizing the robots settings to keep it on the road and making money like it did BEFORE you brought it home!

If you fail to keep an eye on the market, and re-optimize for changing price conditions, you're setting yourself up for failure.

Here's the simple truth: Great trades that made you a lot of money 8 weeks ago will become bad trades if your Forex Robot is not optimized to trade in current market conditions.

Here's Forex Industry Scam #3:

Welcome to lesson 3 and the ultimate scam, what I call the industry's "Dirty Little Secret"... the one that ties it all together and opens the floodgates to profit so please read carefully.

The biggest scam in the Forex robot industry is that we've been lead to believe that back testing and optimization doesn't work. Because that's what they want us to believe!

Let me explain...

There are two groups of insiders deceiving us about the truth to profitable back testing and optimization; those advertising with "90% modeling quality" back test charts, and those who simply claim back testing doesn't work.

The first group is the robot makers who show us back testing charts as proof of their performance. Unfortunately if you look closely at these back testing charts you will see at the top of the chart that it was tested with "only 90% modeling quality".

Guess what?

The pros and insiders ALWAYS test and optimize using secret techniques that achieve "99% Modeling quality"

2010 chart 90% 2010 chart 99%

click the images above to enlarge

Believe me... the difference between 90% modeling quality and 99% is HUGE!

But don't hold your breath for a sales pitch to show you a 99% modeling quality chart any time soon... because in many cases the results will not be too impressive.


Because any back test run over a very long period means that the optimization is not being done frequently, and we already know from the Forex Scam School Lesson 2 that when a Forex robot is not periodically re-optimized it will soon come to a disastrous end along with your bank account.

If the robot maker was to show you a long period back test with 99% modeling quality the poor optimization would become gut wrenchingly apparent!

So what about this second group...

This group, who I like to call the "New Kids On The Block", like to put down back test reports claiming ALL back testing is bad and they instead promote their Investor Accounts as a way of showing their performance and as a way to distinguish themselves from those "other guys".

The problem here is that they know full well that back testing DOES work if it's done properly with 99% modeling quality. They know it because they use it themselves when developing their robots!

How do I know this? Because EVERY "real" Forex robot maker uses these same techniques of 99% modeling quality when they develop their robots in the first place.

That's how they achieve such great results that they show you in their sales pitches.

But they DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW about this because then they have the difficult problem of explaining that they were continually re-optimizing their robot during the time for which they show performance results with their "Investor Passwords".

The important thing for you to understand is that the deceptions and misdirections about Forex robot back testing and optimization on the metatrader 4 platform are over.

The Forex Robot Industry is soon to become a very different place... traders NOT robot makers are going to FINALLY start making... THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE!

SCAM EXPOSED: 99% Back Testing Modeling Quality Is REAL

Simple 3 Step Process For Optimizing Your Forex Robot With a 99% Modeling Quality That Will Put Dollars Into Your Pocket All Day Long!

I developed a simple 3 step process for producing profits with Forex robots based on the very same testing and optimization best practices used by the Forex robot industry insiders to achieve 99% modeling quality... and guess what happened?

Massive Profits!

After uncovering these three scams my commercial robot trading success turned around dramatically!

I was no longer losing money to ridiculous scams...

No longer lying awake at night wondering how I was going to pay my bills...

No longer worried about finding another job... because I was no longer looking! I had all the money I needed!

I was truly free.

So My Question To You Is...

Why are you wasting your time and energy with Forex Robots that make OTHER people rich?

Isn't it about time you learned how to maximize your Trading Robot earnings and start making YOURSELF some real money?

How would you like to make money while you sleep at night, play with your kids, or take off on exotic vacations? It's all possible when you know the easy, simple-to-use formula that will unleash the earnings of your Forex Robot.

I'll reveal how to get this coveted information in a minute but first I want you to meet Nick Fields. His story will tell you...

How These Amazingly Simple Techniques Took One Forex Robot Trader From Losing In Bad Trades To Making A Fortune And Quitting His Job Using These Easy-To-Learn Procedures

I met Nick through an online Forex forum. He was losing money... a lot of money... with his Forex Robot.

He was desperate and needed to turn around his Trading Robot results so he could make a profit, instead of having constant losses.

I felt bad for the guy and decided to teach him testing and optimization techniques I just described to you.

Guess what? His losses quickly turned to huge gains in no time.

No longer fearing his Forex Robots, Nick has been able quit his intolerable day job that he absolutely hated!

Now he's a full-time Forex trader making a ton of cash... thanks to the secrets I revealed to him.

Blowing The Lid Off The Forex Robot Secrets That No One Else In The Industry Is Telling You About!

Did you know that every Forex Robot developer on the planet who creates REAL Forex Robots uses 99% Modeling Quality back testing techniques.

Any Forex Robot maker who tells you that robots based on back testing do not work is an ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITE... because they're using these same techniques too!

The reason you haven't heard of these techniques before is because they've been jealously kept from you... and for good reason!

Just like Kryptonite can destroy Superman, these highly - guarded secret tactics can crush unscrupulous robot sellers around the world.

These techniques can be used to shine the light on sleazy marketers who sell you bad default settings... and make these scumbags scurry back into the darkness, like the cockroaches they are!

These secret techniques were, well - top secret... UNTIL NOW!

I was ripped off before by these shysters and I didn't want to see that happen to Nick.

He quickly turned around the performance of his Forex Robot by putting into action what I taught him.

I'd like to show you these same easy-to-use techniques too... techniques like:

  • The Dirty Little Secret of 99% Modeling Quality testing and optimization (And no, you do not need any programming skills to do this)
  • How to use walk forward testing on your Forex Robot for maximum performance... without the risk of over-optimization or curve-fitting
  • How to avoid being sucked into another scam from an unethical, sleazy marketer trying to sell you the latest shiny robot... but is only peddling a pile of junk!

To be honest with you, in the interest of full-disclosure, I want you to know that these techniques are NOT mine.

These are the same "bread and butter" methods used to trade multimillion-dollar accounts daily by professional institutional traders. And it's only through my former occupation that I know about them.

And we want to share them with you!

My friend Nick Fields and I have created a course that reveals to you these very same insider techniques the pros use to make a killing trading forex robots...

This no-holds-barred guide will show you how to avoid being scammed and FINALLY start putting some serious cash in your bank account!

We call this course:

The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course

This is a serious course for those tired of losing money with their Forex Robots and are through with being suckered in to scams that can cut through your account like a hot knife through butter.

I'll cut right to the chase – here's your chance to get the Forex robot insider secrets you need to properly test and optimize your forex robots and create real wealth over the long term... even if you do not have a lot of starting capital...

...and, get this, you don't have to be a programmer to use these techniques!

No... I'm not kidding –

You don't need to have any programming skills whatsoever... or ... buy another course... or even attend another seminar.

What you need is an authority to show you the ropes – someone who's experienced what you're going through... someone willing to show you the correct way to turn your Forex Robot around to start earning you some BIG money!

This isn't some lame book course or ebook. Matter of fact, it's unlike anything you've seen before. It's the ONLY REAL WAY to accelerate your Forex Robot profits and crank up your bank account... Even if you're a Forex beginner!

Here's what we've done for you...

We've created a unique online training program designed to ensure you learn the same expert Forex Robot Testing and Optimization techniques used by professional robot traders around the world.

The reason this program is online is because it is dynamic in nature. Unlike a typical eBook that you buy and forget, this program is an online course with new content rolled out on a regular basis... so it's constantly growing!

Much of the new material we'll be rolling out in the days ahead will be based on feedback from students. We gauge the areas students are having the most trouble so we can provide additional content as well as address common questions in our planned Video FAQs where appropriate. New Video FAQs rolled out every 2-3 weeks when appropriate

The course is broken down into 5 modules. Each module is easy to understand and contains step by step videos where appropriate.

Module 1 - Basic Metatrader Back Testing

  • Running A Basic Back Test
  • Understanding Metatrader Back Testing Reports

Module 2 - Back Testing With 99% Modeling Quality

After your overview of the basic techniques, here's where the rubber meets the road and reveals to you what the industry "insiders" don't want you to know... how to really make Metatrader work for you, not against you!

  • An introduction to Tick Data Back Testing
  • How to get your hands on Free Tick Data
  • Converting your data to the Metatrader format
  • How to run your own tick back data test and achieve 99% modeling accuracy!

Module 1 & 2 FAQ Video

Module 3 - Risk & Money Management

Proper optimization requires an understanding of risk and money management if you really want more profits with less risk

  • Proper Position Sizing
  • Risk of Ruin
  • Understanding Expectation Value

Module 4 - Optimizing Your Forex Robot

Here's where you'll learn how to take your new Metatrader knowledge and use it to create your own automated money-making machine! You'll be taught the very same techniques top traders around the globe use to make millions of dollars each day.

  • How to Optimize your Forex Robot - proper walk forward testing and optimization to automatically find the most profitable inputs for you.
  • How to avoid Over Optimization – if you over optimize, your system will almost always loses money.
  • And even more!

Module 5 - Building A Forex Robot Portfolio

This is where you'll learn to build a portfolio capable of profiting in a ANY market.

  • Introduction
  • Portfolio Robot Selection
  • Risk & Money Management Considerations

**Please note: This is strictly a "meat and potatoes" course for you. There's no fluff, no filler, and no theoretical mumbo-jumbo anywhere. This is all "real-world" stuff.

This course will show you how to improve your Forex Robot trading in the fastest, most straight-forward and easy-to-learn way possible.

After you discover these great techniques to optimize your robot's performance, we'll show you how to keep your money and avoid ever being scammed again because inside you'll also find the full unabridged lessons previously presented in the:

Forex Robot Anti-Scam School

If you're going to be using Forex Robots at all, this literally arms you with "insider" knowledge. We'll show you the kind of underhanded dirty tricks being pulled by some sleazy Forex Robot marketers.

I'm sure that by releasing this information, we'll help put these scumbags out of business for good!

Since we're keeping an eye out for you, we'll be updating this with additional lessons to keep you well informed. If new scam techniques surface, we'll expose them here, so your bank account doesn't get sucker-punched by these bandits!

Okay Nick, How Much Is Your Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course?

Actually, compared with what you get, it's a lot less than you'd expect.

Listen, what we're offering here is simply not available anywhere else.

We're offering you a charter-membership into the first Forex Robot testing and optimization program of its kind!

The information you'll learn is valuable and will make you thousands when you put it to use. But you won't have to pay thousands for your membership. You don't even have to pay $500, $400, $300 or even $100.

Our introductory offer for "The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course" is a mere $87 for a lifetime membership...

Why so low? Simple. We're tired of seeing people getting ripped off in the industry. For this introductory offer, we don't want price to be an issue... But, once we start getting flooded with orders (which is what we expect), then we'll begin a series of price increases and possibly even turn it into a monthly membership.

But by getting in now, we can grandfather you into the program... you get it all for only $87!

Besides, if you don't like it for any reason you'll get every penny back.

Just Say "Maybe" And Give It a Risk-Free Test-Drive For a Full 60 Days!

I'll make you more than just a guarantee.

It's my 60-day — that's two whole months! — risk-free guarantee. You MUST be 100% satisfied, or I'll personally insist you take your money back.

I honestly believe this is the most powerful, intensive and easy-to-learn course currently available.

Put these techniques to work for you to fine tune your Forex Robots and you'll generate more money than you ever thought possible.

Plus... you'll never get scammed again in the Forex Robot industry!

Look, you can keep doing what you've been doing... (how's that working for you?)

You could try to learn this stuff on your own... BUT that's gonna cost you thousands of dollars in trading losses trying to figure it out... (can you really afford that?)

Or, for a mere $87, (that's less than you lost on your last trade!), you could become a charter member of the ONLY program designed to teach you the secrets industry-insiders don't want you to know... how to test and optimize your Forex Robots to gain massive profits with minimal risk.

Easy to Order

Right now, while its fresh in your mind, click the big "Add To Cart" Button you see below to lock in this great deal...

...and get on the fast track to Forex Robot success as quickly as possible!

You'll be taken to my hacker-proof and secure shopping cart, where your credit card or PayPal information is completely safe.

Remember that I'm taking all the risk here. You must be completely satisfied with your course, or I'll demand you get a full refund - every penny of it... no questions asked.

Making massive profits with your Forex Robot is something that you can easily do. All you need is the map...

Yours in Forex Robot trading success,
Nick Fields & Stewart Young

P.S. Don't forget with this course you get 5 Modules jam-packed with video tutorials, examples and more + The Forex Robot Anti-Scam School

Yes Nick, I want to learn the secret techniques of the Forex Robot Insiders and learn to test and optimize my Forex robot for maximum profits with minimum risk. I'd like to join The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course training program and follow your step-by-step training to become a Forex Robot Expert. I want to join the scores of others who are already succeeding with Forex Robots each and every month with the techniques taught in this guide ...

I understand this is a ONE-TIME Fee and NOT some ridiculous, high priced, ongoing monthly fee and that right now I can purchase immediate lifetime access to the Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course (valued $97.95) for the low price of only $87.

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